Cannabis Licensing Board

Yukon Liquor Corporation (YLC) is seeking prospective board members who will be responsible in granting, refusing to grant, and renewing licences for the new Yukon cannabis retail sector and to review decisions of the president on sanctions on licensees.

Candidates cannot be directly or indirectly engaged in any cannabis related business. A criminal record check is also required to be submitted with your application.

The Cannabis Licensing Board consists of five members and works under the parameters of the Yukon Cannabis Control and Regulation Act. The purpose of the Act is to establish prohibitions relating to the importation, sale, distribution, possession, purchase, cultivation, propagation, harvesting and consumption of cannabis in order to:

  1. To protect public health and safety;
  2. To discourage young persons from accessing cannabis; and
  3. To ensure that cannabis is lawfully sold through the distributor corporation or a business authorized to do so under a license issued by the board. 

Visit the Boards and Committees website to start the application process.


  • The board is independent of Minister.
  • The board is appointed by Commissioner in Executive Council for a period not to exceed 3 years.
  • It is a category D board - an honoraria and expenses covered as required.
  • YLC provides training, meeting space and secretariat services.
  • Monthly meetings are set a year in advance.

For questions on applying for the board please contact Jennifer Roach