Tricouni (Super Sativa)


Tricouni (Super Sativa)


THC: 25.7 mg/ml CBD: 0.1 mg/ml

Type: Sativa

Flavour profile: Citrus, herbal, earthy

Tricouni (Super Sativa)

A melodic symphony of strains, Tricouni Oil offers a blend of beloved Sativas including Acapulco Gold, Juanita La Lagrimosa, Sour Jack, Strawberry Short Cookies, and Tangerine Dream. This limited edition oil is a collaboration of some of our best strains. The morish result is in an overall earthy aroma and flavor, with a shadow of sweet citrus and a touch of herbal scents and tastes that entrance the senses and dance on the tongue from the very first drop right through to the last. 

Cannabis oil can be consumed straight or incorporated into various recipes.